Saturday, May 8, 2010

I don't want my blog to be rude.

Soooo I decided to start this blog. I'm not really sure what the hell I'm going to do with it, or really what it's about. The biggest thing in my life is triathlons, so I figured it will probably be about that. But what do I have to say about triathlons? The easiest thing for me to write about is my workouts, however, if I were to do that, all my competition would know what I'm doing. It'd be like a football game where the offense tells both teams what the plays are.

What I've been doing recently is working a lot on the triathlon team I am president of. And I've been thinking about how to recruit. The swim teams at school are currently being phased out, so it would be a pretty good opportunity to build the team with talented, motivated athletes if I/we know how to position ourselves correctly. Also, there are a couple of kids who just qualified for the Youth Olympics this year. I think they're a little younger. Maybe rising high school seniors? Or juniors? But either way, there aren't a lot of college tri clubs that recruit, but the ones who do are the better ones. But I figure my school is totally the best, so anybody who doesn't want to come here, can go fuck off, because they're probably crazy, in which case I don't want any crazy people on m tri team.

But either way, if we can put together a pretty good recruitment packet to send to them in the mail, we'll get in on the ground floor, and everybody who tries to reach them after we do, will be fighting an uphill battle. It's really simple marketing. People often don't remember the best company/business/product/etc., they usually remember the first. The classic example is Charles Lindbergh. He was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic. The second was a guy named Bert Hinkler. Ever heard of him? Probably not. However, he did it using a different route that was shorter, took less time, and used less fuel. But people usually remember only the first regardless of whether or not the second, or third, or fourth, is better. So in my instance, our perspective athlete will remember us as the first team who is seriously interested in him or her and be the first team in their minds when they think about college and collegiate triathlon. Also, every team that sends him or her something will automatically be compared mentally to us, which will pretty much assure us of being one of the final two or three schools they finally decide to come to.

That's all for now. Good workouts for the day. Although I've been having some GI issues recently. My stomach pretty much always feels full and nasty. Often it feels really bad after a tough workout and usually don't feel good enough to eat after hard workouts for up to an hour afterwards. Which- regardless of the performance and recovery drawbacks that poses, it's just so damn uncomfortable to walk around with. Any advice?